Host a JAW house concert!

Host a JAW house concert!

John-Allison Weiss is looking for hosts for a 2024 house concert series. Check out the requirement list below and if you're interested, fill out the google form at the link and submit your spot!

So you want to host a Lower Key House Show?

Here's what you need to know!

You should be willing and excited to have a big group of new friends in your space to enjoy a night of acoustic music. All guests will need to register in advance, and your address will not be displayed publicly unless you want to allow walk-up guests.

Your space should comfortably hold at least 10-20 people. Living rooms, garages, covered patios, rec rooms, common areas at apartment complexes, art galleries, public businesses after-hours, are all fair game as long as there is access to 110v (standard home) power for the small sound system and a contingency plan in case of rain.

You should have approximately 6ft x 8ft of designated "stage" space for the setup of instruments and microphones.

Your space should be relatively free of noise. All of these shows will be acoustic, which means we try to avoid performing near distractions like trains or highway traffic, dogs barking, hospitals, and airports.

Your space should have relatively enough parking for guests, or be accessible via public transportation.

You don't need to have seating for everyone, but it's nice to have some! We usually invite guests to bring their own chairs or cushions for sitting on the floor.

Guests will purchase tickets directly from Lower Key Music. As the host, your only job will be to greet guests and make sure they're on the list, but hosts are more than welcome to offer or sell snacks and beverages to guests. If you are open to BYOB for those who are of age, we remind guests that this is an acoustic show and not a house party, and to be respectful of your space. 

Show schedules typically run as follows...

7:00pm - Artist load in and set up
7:30pm - Guests arrive
8:00pm - Music begins
9:15pm - Music ends, artist sells merch
10:00pm - Artist load out / curfew

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out on social media or just add them to the comments section of the submission form linked below.

Click here to submit your space!

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