New JAW Playlists on Spotify!

New JAW Playlists on Spotify!

I just made three new playlists to encourage your John-Allison Weiss listening habits, whether you're new here and looking for a place to start, or you're a longtime fan who wants to change up your listening style. The playlists are here for you!

First up is JAW Megahits, featuring all the most-played and most-requested songs in my repertoire.

Then comes JAW Sleeper Hits, which are the songs that don't really get as much play on the streamers, but the truest fans are always dying to hear.

Finally is my own personal favorites, aptly titled Johnny's Picks, where you'll find a mix of the popular ones and the weirder ones, all of which are the nearest and dearest to my heart.

Not pictured but still worth mentioning is the mega playlist All Ways: Songs of John-Allison Weiss where you can find everything that's streaming, including compilation songs and other projects.

Most of my listeners come from Spotify which is why I prioritize their platform, but should I be spending more time on Apple Music or Tidal? Leave a comment and let me know! 


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