Oregon shows are canceled :(

Oregon shows are canceled :(

John-Allison Weiss

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I’m devastated to announce I have to cancel my trip to Camp Pride and my show in Portland. After all my bad luck this summer I’m beyond tapped financially and I have accepted that I can’t afford the journey. This has been an insanely difficult decision to make and even up until last night I thought I could make it work, but I can’t.

Losing my trailer really put a wrench in the year. I’ve been so lucky to have a ton of support on my fundraiser, but so far it will be just enough to get a modest rig and my options will be limited. I’ve decided I need to be smart, stay still, and save as much as possible to put towards the new home once I find it.

Truthfully I am struggling and depressed as ever in my relentless pursuit of making a living playing music. I’m hoping I can find a new rig soon, and some space to recalibrate. I need to figure out a way to get back on tour and back to my truest love, singing songs for u.

I’m honestly so heartbroken over this that I can’t really find the right words. I’ve been writing this caption all morning and there’s a physical hurt in my chest. I know I’m going to be missing something that I feel I desperately need in my soul right now. I’m dying to play shows and share physical space with my community. I am literally aching for it as I type. All I want is to travel and play. All my friends in the Pacific Northwest and everyone from Vanlife Pride, I’m so sorry. I miss you more than I can convey 💔

TLDR:: Oregon shows canceled and canceling sucks, especially when it’s something you really wanted to do.

Tears in my eyes. See you down the road. 💛

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